Property Development Finance In London


Property Development Finance In London 

Clifton private finance

We can source raising property development finance on residential and commercial property transactions in London

We can help developers get the right finance for residential and commercial projects in London.

Flipping Property?

Buying, Renovating & Selling (or Letting)

Finance Rates from

0.44% pm

1 - 18 months

Rates up to 80% LTV

As at 21st June 2019

Ground Up Development

New Builds

Finance Rates from

0.335% pm

Up to 30 months

Rates up to 70% of GDV

As at 21st June 2019

Existing Development?

Refinance & Exit Finance

Finance Rates from

0.335% pm

1 to 18 months

Rates up to 75% LTV

As at 21st June 2019

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Our strength is our ability to access a wide range of funding solutions from high street and private banks, specialist lenders, family offices and wealth managers. We also have connections with private investor fund groups.
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Property Finance Deals

Seventy percent net loan for new developer buying and converting London house to flats
North London
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Finish and exit on a London residential renovation
West London
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Choosing the right development loan for your building project: COMPARING 2 PROPOSALS
Capital Raised
Flexible structured finance as an exit for development of 13 flats
North London
Capital Raised
Development finance to redevelop and sell a family home in Wimbledon
Capital Raised

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Property Development Finance in London

Types of Finance

Property development finance options are available for new build developments, refurbishments, renovations and conversions. 

Below we have outlined some the options available:

Bridging Finance

Bridging finance could be a viable option for property developers as they offer:

For developers who wish to avoid monthly interest payments, bridging loans usually have the option to ‘roll up’ interest.  This allows developers to repay the bridging loan and the interest at the end of the term of finance.   

Development Finance

Some lenders are prepared to lend up to 100% of the costs for both the purchase and the development of a property. This sort of finance may be difficult to secure, as a strong property development portfolio is required.

Development finance may provide:

It is important to note that 100% development finance is usually not available to new or inexperienced property developers.

Joint Venture

One of the main hurdles for new developers is securing property development finance. An option for inexperienced developers is to take on a project as a joint venture with an established developer.  By pooling their resources with an experienced developer, new developers may secure the funding they need and gain the necessary experience to access finance in the future.

Development Exit Finance

Development exit finance enables property developers to switch to a lower cost loan in the middle of their term of finance.

Development exit finance is commonly used by developers whose project has concluded or is nearing completion.

Property developers may wish to use development exit finance to potentially:

How to Access Property Development Finance in London

If you require property development finance for a project in London, you should speak to a finance specialist as they will recommend the appropriate finance for you and your particular set of circumstances.

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