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Mortgage Service

Clifton private finance

We specialise in sourcing mortgage finance on residential and buy to let property transactions in the UK

We provide high quality mortgage solutions for UK and international clients.
  • Mortgage finance from £250,000
  • Market leading rates
  • Access to high street, private & specialist bank mortgage deals
  • Up to 95% loan to value (large residential mortgage with low deposit)
  • Up to 80% loan to value (buy to let mortgages)
  • Large interest only mortgage and interest roll up options
  • 2nd charge mortgage options
  • Lombard lending from £2m
  • Revolving mortgage options - unlock the equity in your main home & access funds whenever you need to
  • We can help if you have complex income e.g. income from multi currency, offshore trust or family trust arrangements, bonus & dividend income
  • Solutions for UK expats (including seafarers), non-dom & foreign nationals buying or remortgaging UK property
  • Investment mortgages for buy to let, HMO, Multi Unit, Air BnBs and Portfolio landlord refinance
  • Fast professional service. We understand that sometimes finance needs to be arranged quickly!
  • If you have assets that you would like to be leveraged as part of the transaction such as your investment or property portfolio, other property or pensions; our team can look at leveraging these assets to negotiate more flexible lending criteria and more favourable interest rates, to help you get the best deal

2 Year Fixed

No valuation fee

1.21% APR

Top 2 Year Fixed Rate (60% LTV)

Subsequent rate 4.24% variable

APRC 4%*

Product Fee £995

Interest only - Yes

As at 21 February 2020

5 Year Fixed

No valuation fee

1.49% APR

Top 5 Year Fixed Rate (60% LTV)

Subsequent rate 4.24% variable

APRC 3.3%*

Product Fee £995

Interest only - Yes

As at 21 February 2020

10 Year Fixed

No valuation fee

2.19% APR

Top 10 Year Fixed Rate (60% LTV)

Subsequent rate 4.74% variable

APRC 3.2%*

Product fee £999

As at 21 February 2020

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*Overall Cost For Comparison

Through our market knowledge we can deliver enhanced, bespoke or exclusive terms.  
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£1.5m Complex Mortgage Purchase And Refinance Using An Accountant Reference
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Low-cost £1.23M bridging loan with flexible terms
Home counties
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£2.6M 100% LTV residential bridging loan secured against 3 properties
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£3.3M Remortgage of Large Multi-Unit Portfolio at Highest-Possible LTV
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Fast UK Mortgage for home purchase for returning British expat and foreign national partner
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Mortgage Service

A wide variety of clients find that the service offered by an independent, experienced mortgage broker is well worth the professional fee for the value of a mortgage arranged faster, on more favourable terms, or at a lower rate than they would have been able to find for themselves.

  • A bank or building society can only advise on the mortgage products they offer.
  • An independent broker is required to look at the range of products available across the whole of the lending market which might suit your needs.

How a mortgage broker adds value

  • In addition to comparing the products offered by high street lenders, we’re able to access private lenders not available to walk-up clients.
  • Our duty of care towards our clients means that we have to be able to justify any recommendations that we make to you.
  • Our experience means that we will consider a variety of scenarios you may not have anticipated, and we will look for the flexibility in mortgage terms that may prove to be vital to you.

Finding solutions for individual situations

Our clients are by no means all high net earners with offshore holding companies.

But clients who have borrowing needs that are outside the tick-box do find that the bespoke, one-to-one service offered by a specialist mortgage advisor is particularly valuable.

  • Are you hoping to use assets in addition to your earnings to leverage higher borrowing or an advantageous rate?
  • Do you have a small deposit but high earnings potential?
  • Are you looking for mortgage finance that can accommodate irregular, “lumpy” income?
  • Do you need finance to buy an unusual type of property that lenders are cautious about, or an investment property, or to pay for renovations?
  • Or are you wanting to remortgage, and access some of the value wrapped up in the property you already own?

High-value mortgages

High net worth borrowers might expect that the size of their income stream or the value of their portfolio holdings would mean that willing lenders will be queuing up to offer them deals at highly competitive rates.

In fact, the opposite is often true. If, along with your substantial earnings you’re also looking to buy a high-value property, the conservatism of traditional lenders may be revealed.

Many of them prefer to spread their risk over a number of lower-priced properties that will easily find buyers in any market, than to provide finance on a single million-pound-plus prestige property.

We can introduce you to private banks and specialist lenders who take a case-by-case approach to their underwriting decisions.

They can also look more favourably on clients with complex sources of income, as well as city employees, senior partners and equity holders who have “lumpy” bonus-related income.

See our blog:

How to get a large mortgage with multiple income sources

Mortgages for professionals

Professional clients such as doctors, lawyers, veterinarians and accountants are time-poor and may be comparatively modestly paid in the early stage of their careers.

But your structured career prospects mean that we can leverage your future earnings to get you more advantageous property lending now.

Read our blogs:

How to get a professional mortgage

Mortgages for barristers

Mortgages for doctors

Mortgages for contract employees and freelancers

The opposite problem applies for individuals working on a contract basis: they may have high earnings now, but their career progression and future earnings can look uncertain.

An experienced broker will take your mortgage application to the lender who will consider it most favourably, and present your earnings and experience in a context that gives them confidence.

Read our blog:

Mortgages for contract employees

Mortgages for investment property buyers

We can source the best rates on mortgage finance for investors looking to do-up and rent out residential properties:

How to get a renovation mortgage

Our renovation mortgage calculator

Or you may be buying a property already suitable for the rental market, including larger properties such as Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs), Large Houses in Multiple Occupation (LHMOs) (with five or more tenants in two or more households) and multi-unit properties (a number of self-contained flats in the same building).

Finance for buy to let landlords

Mortgages for multi-unit properties

Remortgaging and accessing the value in your property

Many property owners who come to us are looking to remortgage onto better lending rates:

Remortgage a London home to a new lender

Can I borrow more on my mortgage

Or you may want to take advantage of the equity you’ve built up in your property to release capital you can use for other purposes:

Remortgaging to raise a deposit to buy a second property

How to get second charge mortgage

Equity release: how to get money out of your home in retirement

Alternatively, you may be looking for new mortgage finance when you’re nearing retirement age, or already retired. We can find you a lender:

How do I get a mortgage in retirement?

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