Finish And Exit Development Finance

Finish And Exit Development Finance

Clifton private finance

We specialise in raising development finance on residential and commercial property transactions in the UK

We can help developers get the right mortgage & short term finance for UK residential and commercial projects.

Finish & Exit development finance is for residential development projects which have been delayed and are therefore running out of time with their existing development finance facility.

The Finish & Exit development finance allows developers to refinance their existing development finance facility, continue to drawdown funds to complete the development and gives them time to sell the units once the development is completed.

These criteria cannot be achieved under a normal developer exit but can be fully accommodated with the Finish & Exit.

Refinance of the existing development finance facility

  • Drawdown of funds to complete the development
  • Time to sell the units once the development is completed
  • A potential pre-agreed equity release once PC, final building control sign-off and new homes warranties sign-off is achieved


Item Terms
Max LT-GDV 67.5% (including rolled up interest and fees)
Max day 1 70% (including fees)
LTC 90% (including rolled up interest & fees)
Developer profit (minimum)   20% profit on cost
Loan Term
3-12 months
Minimum Loan Size
Maximum Loan Size
Minimum interest
7.0% p.a.
Maximum interest 11.4% p.a.
Type of scheme Residential or mixed use (up to 25% commercial by value)
Borrower type Limited companies and incorporated partnership
Fees Arrangement fee: 2.0%
Exit fee: 0.0% if the term is <6-months (1% if term is >6-months)  
Location England & Wales

Our strength is our ability to access a wide range of funding solutions from high street and private banks, specialist lenders, family offices and wealth managers. We also have connections with private investor fund groups.

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The Finish & Exit can be used when a developer does not qualify for a traditional developer exit and the scheme falls into one of the following scenarios:


At Clifton Private Finance, our strong relationships with private banks, specialist lenders, family offices and wealth managers, means that we can look at the widest range of funding available to find the best business finance solution for your development.

With offices in London, Bristol (Registered Office) and Cardiff we are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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