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Large Invoice Finance Facility Secured Despite Overseas Debtors
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Fleet of Vans Refinanced to Release £160k for Business Growth
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Fast Asset Finance for Two Tractors at Low Rate
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Gym Equipment Finance - How It Works

Gym equipment finance allows businesses to acquire the latest gym equipment and solutions without having to pay everything upfront. The business pays affordable instalments over a fixed term in exchange for getting to use the equipment immediately.

If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your gym and finance the latest equipment, you might want to consider gym equipment finance and leasing. This is a smart and flexible option that allows you to access the essential gym equipment your business needs and pay for it over time.

Whether you need treadmills, ellipticals, rowers, bikes, or weights, you can find a finance solution that suits your needs and budget. In this page, we will explain what gym equipment finance is, how it works, what the benefits are, and how you can apply for it.

Gym equipment is vital for many businesses to provide quality fitness and wellness services to their customers. However, constantly upgrading gym equipment can be very expensive and financially challenging. This is where gym equipment finance comes in.

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The Different Finance Options for Gym Equipment Finance

There are two main types of finance available: hire purchase and operating lease.

How Gym Equipment Finance Works

Financing gym equipment is fairly straightforward, and doesn’t differ too much from the standard process that you expect when financing any sort of equipment, or taking out a business loan, first you would:

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What are the Benefits of Gym Equipment Finance?

Here’s a brief overview of some of the benefits you can enjoy with gym equipment finance for your business:

Save Money and Improve Cash Flow

Enjoy Flexibility and Convenience

Benefit from Tax Advantages

Drawbacks of Gym Equipment Finance

Gym equipment finance and leasing also has some potential drawbacks that businesses should be aware of before entering into a finance agreement. Some of these drawbacks are:

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What Can Be Financed?

You can finance almost any type of gym equipment that you need for your business, including:

Gym equipment finance can help you reach your business goals in many ways. With an operating lease, you could finance essential equipment such as a treadmill and a fitness tracker for your gym, and improve your fitness and wellness services without a large upfront cost. Or, utilising hire purchase, you might invest in a new set of weights and a sound system for your gym, and increase your revenue and customer base while claiming tax relief on the equipment.

At Clifton Private Finance, we can help you get the finance you need for your gym equipment and solutions. We have access to a wide range of lenders who specialise in gym equipment finance and leasing. We can find you the best deal that suits your needs and budget. Contact us today and let us help you upgrade your gym.

How We Can Help

In need of Gym Equipment Finance? We can help you:

And when we’ve established the best type of finance for you, we will:

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