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Large Invoice Finance Facility Secured Despite Overseas Debtors
Large Invoice Finance Facility Secured Despite Overseas Debtors
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Fleet of Vans Refinanced to Release £160k for Business Growth
Fleet of Vans Refinanced to Release £160k for Business Growth
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Fast Asset Finance for Two Tractors at Low Rate
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Asset Based Lending Facility for Steel Business | Case Study
Asset Based Lending Facility for Steel Business Management Buyout
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£5.2m Anaerobic Digester Plant Refinance For Business Growth
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Business Loans in Scotland

What Is a Scottish Business Loan?

Business loans generally operate in the same way throughout the United Kingdom. A business loan is a loan that can be used for business purposes, such as paying for business expenses, equipment, employee pay, office rental, paying off business debt, or even expanding your business further.

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What Is The Scottish Growth Scheme?

Businesses registered in Scotland can sometimes access funding through the Scottish Growth Scheme.

The Scottish Growth Scheme is in place to provide financial support of up to £500 million for Scottish-based businesses, with support from the Scottish government. This financial package aims to help the growth of Scottish businesses.

This funding is used in various financial schemes in Scotland, and these include:

● Equity finance from fund managers
● Loans from fund managers
● Debt or loan finance of up to £250,000
● Equity finance of up to £2,000,000

There are many different ways to access this financing in Scotland; some of the options available include:

Business Loans Scotland

Business Loans Scotland accepts loan applications between £25,000 and £250,000; they are owned by the local councils in Scotland.

UMi Debt Finance Scotland Ltd

UMi Debt Finance Scotland Ltd accept loan applications between £25,000 and £250,000 and are an employee-owned business in Scotland.

Techstart Ventures

Techstart Ventures accepts applications for equity finance of up to £2,000,000. They provide funding to new companies developing innovative ideas.

Foresight Group

Foresight Group accepts applications for equity finance of up to £2,000,000. They are infrastructure and private equity investment managers. They usually provide funding to established companies which they view as having high growth potential.

Scottish Loan Scheme

The Scottish Loan Scheme usually offers loans between £250,000 and £2,000,000, although they can provide up to £5,000,000.

How Do I Apply With The Scottish Loan Scheme?

To apply for a loan with the Scottish Loan Scheme, a business must have the following:

● Have a minimum turnover of £250,000
● Provide a repayment vehicle or repayment plan for the loan repayment
● Have been in operation for 2 years or more
● Be a profitable business or be expected to be profitable within 1 year
● Have a good business plan
● Be able to show how the funding they are requesting will have a positive impact on the economy in Scotland
● Provide proof that they work under fair work practices, such as paying employees a living wage
● Must have tried to get funding from other sources and been unsuccessful

Businesses must also have a headquarters in Scotland, be mainly operating in Scotland, or be looking to move the business to Scotland.

Can I Get a Business Loan as a Sole Trader in Scotland?

Yes, you can get a business loan as a sole trader in Scotland. You may find it’s more difficult to get a loan as a sole trader than a limited company, as lenders often view sole traders as more high risk.

Our experts at Clifton Private Finance can help you with any advice or guidance in finding the best business loan available, regardless of the type of business you own. Contact us for more information so we can help you get started with your new business loan.

Can I Get A Business Loan with Bad Credit?

Even with bad credit, you will still have options for getting a business loan. However, we highly recommend you improve your credit before applying for more loans as if you cannot repay this debt, it will further harm your credit score.

When applying for business loans with bad credit, you can expect to be offered less favourable loan terms and a higher interest rate. Depending on your financial situation, this could further strain your finances, and you could risk putting yourself in more debt.

If you begin to pay off any old debts and rebuild your credit, you may then be able to apply for a business loan with slightly better terms, and if you manage that loan responsibly, you can work on improving your credit.

If you’re looking to apply for a business loan while dealing with bad credit, we highly recommend speaking to a professional before taking out any loans. Contact our specialists at Clifton Private Finance.

For all the information and advice you need to better your credit score, we will help you find the best loan options available.

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