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Asset Finance Broker

We provide high-quality asset finance solutions for UK and international clients.
  • Finance from £25,000 to £25m
  • A range of funding options including: Finance Lease, Loan, HP, Invoice Factoring, Operating Lease, Asset Refinance, Sale & HP, Sale & Lease
  • Repayment periods geared to the economic life of the asset
  • Finance available on new, used and auction-bought items
  • No asset age limit
  • Great way to fund large machine or asset purchases
  • Refinance existing assets to free up your company's liquid capital
  • Cashflow matched repayments
  • Equipment finance
We can deliver enhanced, bespoke or exclusive terms through our market knowledge.  
Call us on 0203 900 4322 to discuss your requirements.

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The sectors we operate in include:

  • Agriculture e.g. Tractors, Barn Conversion, Dairy Equipment
  • Construction e.g. Bulldozers, Cranes, Dumper trucks, Loaders
  • Healthcare e.g. MRI Machines, X-ray Scanners
  • Leisure e.g. Aviation, Gym & fitness equipment, Marine
  • Luxury Assets e.g. Fine Art, Jewellery, Watches
  • Manufacturing e.g. 3D Printing, Access Platforms, Bottling Plants, Compressors, Food Processing, Generators, Picking & Sorting Equipment
  • Prestige Vehicle e.g. Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, BMWFerrari, Maserati, Porsche, Rolls Royce, Tesla
  • Renewables & Green Energy e.g. Biomass Boilers, Solar Panels, Wind Turbines
  • Retail & Hospitality e.g. Brewery Equipment, Catering Equipment, Shop Fronts
  • Transport & Logistics e.g. Forklifts, HGV, Coaches, Recovery Vehicles, Taxis, Tankers, Trailers, Transporters, Vans
  • Waste Management & Recycling e.g. Containers & Skips, Crushers, Recycling Plants, Shredders 

 Asset Finance

Clifton Private Finance are a specialist finance broker with a dedicated asset finance brokerage team, here to help you get the asset finance that you need to give your business access to the latest equipment, machinery, and vehicles.

Our team have established relationships with the wide range of UK asset finance providers and are able to secure the asset finance options that best suit your business needs. Whether you are looking for a hire purchase arrangement on a new company vehicle or specialised finance leasing for high-end niche equipment, we can help. Give Clifton Private Finance a call today. 

What is an Asset Finance Broker?

There is a huge range of asset finance available in the UK for your business need, but understanding it all and separating the wheat from the chaff can be a long and complex business.

A specialised asset finance broker will be able to help you select from the many options available to ensure that you get the asset finance arrangement that’s best for you, offering advice and access to the full marketplace of asset finance providers.

Using an asset finance broker means having an expert at your back to check the deal and make sure it’s the best you can get; plus we’re able to explain every detail of the contract to make sure there are no surprises down the line. 

What Asset Finance Can I Get?

Asset finance falls into three main categories:

Within these three broad categories are further subtle nuances, creating a full spectrum of products for businesses looking to secure assets without expending essential capital. Asset finance allows you access to the latest technology and high-quality assets, spreading the cost monthly rather than needing for it to be paid all at once. It’s an essential financial product for any business.

With an asset finance broker, you can fine-tune your asset finance to get the product that precisely matches your need.

Learn more about asset finance. 

Asset Finance

Asset Finance Case Studies

Read some of our most recent asset finance case studies below for real examples of how asset financing works in practice:

Large Invoice Finance Facility Secured Despite Overseas Debtors
Large Invoice Finance Facility Secured Despite Overseas Debtors
Capital Raised
Fleet of Vans Refinanced to Release £160k for Business Growth
Fleet of Vans Refinanced to Release £160k for Business Growth
Capital Raised
Fast Asset Finance for Two Tractors at Low Rate | Case Study
Fast Asset Finance for Two Tractors at Low Rate
Capital Raised
Management Buy Out Finance For Funeral Director
£750k Management Buy Out Finance For Funeral Director
Capital Raised
Asset Based Lending Facility for Steel Business | Case Study
Asset Based Lending Facility for Steel Business Management Buyout
Capital Raised
Anaerobic Digester Plant Refinance For Business Growth
£5.2m Anaerobic Digester Plant Refinance For Business Growth
Capital Raised

The Advantages of an Asset Finance Broker

Why not just do it yourself? After all, there’re plenty of companies offering asset finance on the internet. However, consider the following:

-      Time - Your time is valuable. As a business leader, you are best utilised doing what you are specialised in - furthering your business and making money. Researching the full spread of asset finance takes a very long time (trust us, we do it constantly!), with deals changing every day.

-      Understanding - Every field has terminology that can be confusing, or subtleties that are only understood by experts - asset finance is no different. Unless you want to dedicate your headspace to becoming an asset finance specialist, there will be aspects to asset finance that you may not understand. A professional asset finance broker will be able to explain these in clear English, making sure that you are fully aware of every aspect of an asset finance contract.

-      Access - Specialist asset finance brokers like us at Clifton Private Finance have long-standing relationships with all the asset finance providers in the UK and can speak to potential lenders who won’t deal with private enquiries. Quite simply, we have access to a far wider range of financial institutions and their products.

-      Deals - An asset finance broker knows what is a good deal and how to get it. Not only that, but by contacting multiple providers and discussing your needs with them, a level of competition between providers is built, meaning better deals are offered. Using an asset finance broker means a superior deal is far more likely.

-      Relationship - Building a relationship with a finance broker is good for your business. Over time, there are bound to be times when you might need a little financial advice or other financial products such as an unsecured business loan, a commercial mortgage, or bridging finance. We’ll be here with you every step of the way, building a valuable relationship that gives your company additional financial security for life.

Asset Finance

How Long Does it Take to Get Asset Finance with a Broker?

A lot depends on the asset finance you are after, but working with a broker means a faster application process, instant understanding of terms and conditions, and often a priority service from the provider.

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Can I Get Asset Finance With Bad Credit?

One of the biggest worries business customers will have is whether they’re eligible for asset finance, especially if they have had a period of difficulties that’s led to a temporary bad business credit score.

The good news is that yes, at Clifton Private Finance we can get you asset finance even if you have a poor credit report - with access to such a wide marketplace of providers, we can talk on your behalf to those that are more flexible and willing to help you get the asset finance you need.

Asset Finance

What Can I Get With Asset Finance

The range of assets that can be obtained through asset finance is almost limitless - if you can purchase it and it has value, then you can usually get asset finance for it! Some examples of items that are often obtained through asset finance include:

Using Clifton Private Finance For Your Asset Finance

Looking for asset finance? Contact us at Clifton Private Finance for access to the full marketplace of UK asset finance providers, superior deals, and expert advice - we’ll get the asset finance that’s perfect for your business needs.

Call us today to discuss your requirements on 0203 900 4322


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