How do Buy to Let Mortgages Work

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How do Buy to Let Mortgages Work

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How do Buy to Let Mortgages Work

Buy to Let Mortgages: How Do They Work 

Buy to Let Mortgages work in much the same way as residential mortgages - however, there are a few key differences.

Buy to let mortgages are mortgages specifically designed for landlords looking to rent out a property, rather than live in this home. 


As with most mortgages, you will be required to put down a percentage of the purchase price of the property as a deposit. 

The bigger the deposit you can afford, the more options will be open to you - and the cheaper your rates will be. 

When it comes to buy to let mortgages, you will usually need to put down a bigger deposit than with a residential mortgage. A standard minimum deposit is about 25% of purchase price; however there are some lenders who will happily accept a 20% deposit for the right borrower. 


The way your affordability is calculated for a buy to let mortgage is different to a residential mortgage. 

Instead of multiplying your income in order to find affordability, lenders will instead require the prospective rental yeild to be a minimum of 145% of your mortgage repayments. For HMO properties, this is 170%. 

Stress Test

In addition to this affordability requirement, prospective landlords will need to undergo an income stress test in order to secure a BTL mortgage. This is currently a fairly strict test: to pass this, landlords need to demonstrate that they will still be able to afford their mortgage repayments, even if rates should increase to 5.5%

Portfolio Review

If you are portfolio landlord, then this will be considered as part of your application. 

Lenders will want to have an in-depth understanding of your property portfolio; all of these are required to demonstrate reasonable profitability - a lender will not consider a borrwer wo has one or more properties which are not profitable. 

Terms and Conditions

Some lenders will also have additional terms and conditions you may need to meet, which might include: 

  • minimum tenancy terms for your prospective tenants 
  • a maximum number of BTL properties 
  • require a specialist landlords buildings insurance policy

Specialist buy to let mortgage service providing:

  • Expert advice on buy to let mortgage finance from £150,000
  • Advice on complex buy to let portfolios
  • Access to banks that provide UK expat and non UK citizen buy to let mortgage solutions
  • Short and long term lending options
  • Professional service
Our service provides mortgages for buy to let property in the UK. 
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