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As a specialist finance broker, we provide high quality business loan solutions for our clients.
  • Access to market leading rates
  • Flexible finance options for kennel business owners
  • For secured loans up to 80% Loan To Value (100% with additional security)
  • Loans from £50,000 to £25 Million
  • Terms  from 3 months
  • Interest roll up options
  • Same day agreement in principle
  • We can accept applications from individuals, limited companies, SPV's and offshore structures
  • Finance for residential, commercial including retail outlets, restaurants, cafes, guest houses and B&Bs, offices, warehouses, industrial units, factories, HMOs, nursing and care homes, investment properties, development land and buy to let property (portfolios and limited companies welcome)
We pride ourselves on providing excellent service responsive to your needs.
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Bridging Loan with Multiple Drawdowns Secured for 18-Bed HMO Conversion
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24 Month Bridging Loan Secured Against £23m London Home
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Fast Asset Finance for Two Tractors at Low Rate
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Early Remortgage for Law Firm Partner Locks in Low Rate
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BTL Mortgage Based on Overseas Income for Expat in Taiwan
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As a specialist property finance broker, Clifton Private Finance can provide a clear picture of the options available to you. We will assess your specific set of circumstances and arrange a finance solution tailored to your needs.

If your business is a dog kennel or cattery, then one of the main expenses you will face is the cost of your premises. You may need a large building to accommodate or adequately care for the animals, which could require a substantial amount of funding. It is unlikely that you will have enough spare capital to buy a building outright. A business loan may provide the funding you need.

Traditional Lenders

Securing a business loan from a traditional lender may not be the easiest way for you to get the finance you need.

Firstly, a traditional lender business loan application may cause significant delays to your business. It is not uncommon for a loan application to take several weeks or even months to process, which may adversely affect the business of your dog kennel or cattery.

Secondly, traditional lenders usually require a lot of documentation before granting a business loan. Traditional lenders may ask for some or all of the following: a few years’ worth of tax returns, your business’ future forecast, a business plan and profit and loss accounts.

Finally, traditional lenders’ lending criteria can be strict and, depending on the reason your business needs the loan, it may be difficult to secure a business loan.

Private Lenders

If you do not want to apply to a traditional lender for a business loan then you may want to approach a private lender.

Unlike traditional lenders, private lenders can process an application quickly and do not require a substantial amount of documentation. Private lenders will usually focus on your kennels or cattery’s ability to repay the loan.

Private lenders’ business loan deals are not available on the high street. If you want to access a business loan through a private lender, it is advisable to contact a specialist broker.

If you need a business loan call us on 0203 880 8890 or complete our contact form above.
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