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Our boutique practice within Clifton provides comprehensive one-to-one financial services to professional, international and high net worth clients

For complex financial situations, the only useful advice is personal advice

Our Private Client Service includes:

  • Bespoke finance solutions
  • Total discretion for professional and non-domiciled clients
  • Solutions for High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth clients with no requirement for assets under management
  • Offshore solutions for UK expats, non-domiciled UK residents, UK residents earning in a foreign currency, and foreign nationals

Our comprehensive financial service covers:

  • property finance (residential and investment)
  • aviation finance
  • yacht finance
  • classic car finance
  • wealth management services
  • insurance (life, medical, property and renovation works cover)
  • foreign exchange services

2 Year Tracker

Up to £2m

5.39% APR

2 Year Tracker

Subsequent rate 8.74%

LTV - 60%

APRC 8.4%*

Product Fee £999

Free valuation

No Early Redemption Charges

As of 20th September 2023

5 Year Fixed

Up to £1m

4.97% APR

5 Year Fixed

Subsequent rate 9.24%

LTV - 60%

APRC 7.60%*

Product Fee £1,295

Free valuation

Early Redemption Charges - Yes

As of 20th September 2023

10 Year Fixed

Up to £750k

5.04% APR

10 Year Fixed

Subsequent rate 7.99%

LTV - 85%

APRC 6.1%*

Product Fee £999

Free Valuation

Early Redemption Charges - Yes

As of 20th September 2023

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Property finance solutions for our private clients:

Capital raise against London rental properties for Saudi client buying £5M Buckinghamshire home

Million-pound mortgage for self-employed law partner

£3M purchase of country estate combining home and rental units

Call our Private Client team at any time on 0203 900 4322 to discuss your requirements. Or complete our enquiry form below to set up an appointment at your convenience

Property Finance Deals

Million pound mortgage secured on self-employed and bonus income
Million pound mortgage secured on self employed and bonus income
Capital Raised
Case Study: Securing £1.25m Buy to Let Mortgage for Development Finance Exit
£1.25m Buy To Let Mortgage Secured for Development Finance Exit
Capital Raised
Securing a Residential Mortgage for a £20 Million Surrey Home
Securing a Residential Mortgage for a £20 Million Surrey Home
Capital Raised
Interest Only Borrowing At £1.78m For Property Improvements
Interest Only Borrowing At £1.78m For Property Improvements
Capital Raised
Large Mortgage for Business Owner with Complex Offshore Holding Company and Trust Structure
Large Mortgage for Business Owner with Complex Offshore Holding Company and Trust Structure
Capital Raised
Director Loan Used as Deposit for Large Self Employed Mortgage
Director's Loan Used as Deposit for Large Self Employed Mortgage
Capital Raised

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Individual, tailored advice for our private clients

Comprehensive financial services

Our authority within the specialist property finance market was built upon our reputation for combining depth of market knowledge and delivering innovative finance solutions in line with our clients requirements.

Requests for a more comprehensive service from clients with complex earnings and assets portfolios led us to seek out finance industry partners who share our professionalism, independence, and commitment to personalised client service.

We now offer the same level of bespoke service across the range of our clients’ financial needs:

Solutions for complex earnings

Clients with standard employed income have a wide variety of financial resources available to them at favourable rates.

More common amongst our salaried private clients are remuneration packages that include a combination of salary, bonus, dividend and share options, often paid in non-sterling currencies or structured across more than one currency.

And many of our private clients are classified as self-employed:

Their finance requirements call for a different approach.

Access to bespoke lenders

Our extensive contacts across the finance industry include private wealth funds and private banks who will be willing to look at your finance requirements on a case-by-case basis, and can write individual lending terms.

Many of them are interested in building long-term relationships with clients. But if you already have assets under management elsewhere we can access bespoke lenders who won’t stipulate transfer of assets management.

In addition, for clients not yet at the maximum of their earning potential, but working in professions with clear structures for progression, we can find extended finance based on your expected future earnings.

Plus high-value single-property mortgages

Many of our private clients have a need for more flexible property finance than is available from mainstream banks and building societies.

High street lenders can be cautious about lending on high-value single assets upwards of a value of £1-2 million: a value range easily surpassed in the prime areas of London.

In addition, many high-earning clients need more flexible repayment terms than are available from mainstream banks and building societies.

Our clients can comfortably afford the level of borrowing they’re looking for, but the irregular nature of their earnings, based on bonuses or the payment of client fees, means that lower interest-only monthly repayments supplemented with lump-sum overpayments, may be more suitable for them.

Contact our Private Client Service to discuss your requirements on 0203 900 4322 - or complete the enquiry form above. 
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