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We can help source mortgage finance for expats on residential and commercial property transactions in the UK

For expats looking to borrow on UK property, finding a mortgage can be difficult. We offer a specialist expat mortgage broker service to make things easier.
We can help you with:
  • Residential and commercial mortgages from £150k to £25m.
  • The option to leverage assets such as your investment portfolio, other property and pensions to negotiate more flexible lending criteria and interest rates.
  • Access to UK high street and private banks, specialist lenders, family offices and wealth managers. We also have access to private investor funds.
  • Enhanced, bespoke or exclusive terms to match your unique requirements.

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We offer a specialist UK expat mortgage service providing:

Where can you get an expat mortgage in the UK?

UK high street banks normally require you to be resident in the UK to qualify for a mortgage, however private lenders are normally much more flexible. This makes them ideal for British expats looking to buy property in the UK.

Private banks offer a range of mortgages for expats on both residential and commercial properties, including buy-to-let mortgages.

What are the lending criteria for UK expat mortgages?

Lending criteria for private banks tends to be quite flexible as they normally lend on a case by case basis.

This is good for expats as it means issues which would cause problems with high street banks, such as income in a foreign currency or from equity need not be an issue.

For investment properties many private lenders will want international mortgage borrowers to provide a deposit of at least 25%, although this depends on the lender and your personal circumstances.

With a standard buy-to-let mortgage you will often be told the monthly rental income must be equal to around 125-145% of the monthly interest payments. However, private lenders are more flexible and will often allow you to use your personal income towards your buy-to-let interest calculation.

Try our independent expat mortgage brokers

Clifton Private Finance is an independent UK-based, FCA-regulated mortgage broker.

Through our strong connections throughout the private banking sector, we can offer fast solutions for expats seeking mortgage finance to buy property in the UK.

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