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Semi Commercial Mortgage 

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We specialise in refinancing properties and providing semi commercial mortgages for mixed use properties in the UK

If you wish to buy a property for residential and commercial purposes, you will likely need commercial finance.

Here at Clifton Private Finance, we have a wealth of experience in arranging commercial funding for those who need finance for their mixed use property requirements.

  • Our strength as a specialist mortgage broker is providing access to high value mortgage finance
  • Finance for semi commercial properties such as pubs, cafes, shops, factories and retail units
  • We have expertise in mixed commercial and residential properties and can access the best semi commercial mortgage rates for you 
  • We are independent and have strong relationships with many commercial lenders including Lloyds, HSBC, Barclays, NatWest; as well as private banks, wealth managers and specialist lenders that are not available on the high street
  • Short term and long term lending options from 3 months to 30 years
  • Borrow up to 70% of the property value (in some cases this can be higher)
  • If you have assets that you would like to be leveraged as part of the transaction such as your investment portfolio, commercial property or pensions; our team can look at leveraging these assets to negotiate more flexible lending criteria and more favourable interest rates, to help you get the best deal
Through our market knowledge, we can deliver enhanced, bespoke or exclusive terms based on your requirements.  
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Semi Commercial Mortgage Service

What is a Semi-Commercial Mortgage?

A semi-commercial mortgage is a type of financing used to purchase or refinance properties that have both residential and commercial elements under the same roof. These are considered "mixed-use" properties.

Some common examples of semi-commercial properties include:

Semi-commercial mortgages are a hybrid between a standard residential mortgage and a full commercial mortgage. They allow more flexibility than a regular residential mortgage for mixed-use scenarios.

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Types of Commercial Mortgage

Owner-Occupied Commercial Mortgages

These mortgages are for business owners who want to purchase or remortgage premises they will operate their business from. Examples include:

Commercial mortgage lenders generally provide up to 75% loan-to-value (LTV) for owner-occupied mortgages.

Commercial Investment Mortgages

These are for investors purchasing commercial property with the intention of renting it out to other businesses. Popular investment properties include:

Lenders typically cap commercial investment mortgages at around 65% LTV.

There is also: 

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How Do You Value a Semi-Commercial Property?

Valuing a semi-commercial property requires looking at both the residential and commercial components separately. Lenders will assess the rental values and yields for each respective use. The overall property value is then calculated based on the combined valuations, often with a slight discount applied to account for the mixed-use nature of the property.  Factors like the condition, location, scale of commercial operation, and ratio of residential vs commercial space will all impact the valuation.

How Much Deposit is Required for a Commercial Mortgage?

Most lenders require a minimum deposit of 25-30% of the property's value for a semi-commercial mortgage. However, some may go up to 75% loan-to-value (LTV) for low risk cases.

The size of deposit required depends on:

Generally, a higher deposit makes you a lower risk borrower and opens up more competitive mortgage rates.

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Is a Commercial Mortgage Cheaper?

The cost of a semi-commercial mortgage compared to a standard residential or commercial mortgage can vary significantly depending on several factors:

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How a Broker can Help with a Semi-Commercial Mortgage

As pricing can fluctuate significantly between lenders and products, using an experienced commercial mortgage broker is highly advisable.

Brokers can compare the entire market to find the most competitively priced semi-commercial mortgage that fits your exact requirements and borrower profile. This professional advice ensures you do not overpay compared to the cheapest available options at any given time.

How Much Can You Borrow on a Semi-Commercial Mortgage?

Most lenders will cap the maximum semi-commercial mortgage at 75% LTV (loan-to-value) of the property's valuation. So if the property is valued at £500,000, you could potentially borrow up to £375,000.

Your affordability and income will also be major factors in how much you can borrow. Lenders will conduct assessments to ensure you can afford the mortgage repayments, similar to a residential mortgage application.

The more rental income being generated by the commercial element, the higher the borrowing may be. But expected personal income must still meet minimum requirements.

Semi-Commercial Mortgage Lending Criteria

To qualify for a semi-commercial mortgage, lenders will typically require:

Age, nationality, and previous property experience will also be assessed. Some lenders are more flexible than others on certain criteria.

Semi-Commercial Mortgage Calculator

Commercial Mortgage Calculator

Your repayments

Based on the figures entered, we think your second mortgage will cost:

Repayment: (Capital & Interest)

Interest Only:

This information is computer-generated. It has only been designed to give a useful general indication of costs. Make sure that you read the separate key facts lender illustration before you make a decision. To get a full mortgage quote contact us.

How to Get a Semi-Commercial Mortgage

Due to the more complex nature of semi-commercial lending, it is highly advisable to use an experienced mortgage broker. We can:

Naturally, this ensures you access the most suitable mortgage for your circumstances, maximising your chances of approval and avoiding rejection.

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How does a Semi-Commercial Mortgage Application Work?

Applying for a semi-commercial mortgage requires several additional steps compared to a standard residential mortgage. As an experienced broker specialising in these types of mortgages, Clifton Private Finance can guide you through the entire process:

Get in Contact with Clifton Private Finance

Unless you have an up to date knowledge of the financial services industry, you may benefit from speaking with professional brokers, such as us at Clifton Private Finance. We'll help you in your search for the right semi commercial mortgage.

At Clifton Private Finance, we can provide you with a picture of the semi-commercial mortgages on the market and identify the best mortgage to meet your requirements.

Our semi-commercial mortgage brokers can provide:

If you need a semi-commercial mortgage, call us on 0203 900 4322 or complete our contact form above.

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