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Business loan for property purchase

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We specialise in sourcing business loans 

As a specialist finance broker, we provide high quality business loan solutions for our clients.
  • Market leading rates from 5.3% pa
  • Up to 80% Loan To Value (100% with additional security)
  • Loans from £25,000 to £750,000
  • Loans under £150,000 a 2 hour credit decision. Above £150,000 it takes a little longer!
  • Larger loans including 2nd mortgage debenture lending and commercial mortgages 
  • Terms  from 3 months
  • Interest roll up options
  • Same day agreement in principle
  • We can accept applications from individuals, limited companies, SPV's and offshore structures
  • Finance for residential, commercial including retail outlets, restaurants, cafes, guest houses and B&Bs, offices, warehouses, industrial units, factories, HMOs, nursing and care homes, investment properties, development land and buy to let property (portfolios and limited companies welcome)
We pride ourselves on providing excellent service responsive to your needs.
Call us on 0203 880 8890 to discuss your requirements.

Property Finance Deals

90% LTV Mortgage Purchase For London Based Young Professional Couple
Capital Raised
£1.5m Complex Mortgage Purchase And Refinance Using An Accountant Reference
Capital Raised
Low-cost £1.23M bridging loan with flexible terms
Home counties
Capital Raised
£2M-plus bridge to buy new home plus rental property while awaiting sale of Sussex country house
East Sussex
Capital Raised
Bridge finance for Channel Islands resident to build new Guernsey home
Capital Raised
£2.6M 100% LTV residential bridging loan secured against 3 properties
Capital Raised

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As a specialist property finance broker, Clifton Private Finance can provide a clear picture of the options available to you. We will assess your specific set of circumstances and arrange a finance solution tailored to your needs.

If you are starting up a new business or looking to expand an existing company, you may need to purchase a property.

It is unlikely that you have enough surplus capital, which you are prepared to use entirely, to purchase a property and you may need a business loan to assist you.

When purchasing a property you need to act quickly to avoid losing out to another buyer.

Traditional Lenders

Approaching a traditional lender for a business loan may not be the quickest way to get the finance you need. This is because an application with a traditional lender can take up to several weeks or even months to process, which could result in unnecessary delays and could make you miss an attractive opportunity.

Also, traditional lenders will often request a certain amount of documentation to support an application. For a business loan application traditional lenders will typically ask for some or all of the following: a few years’ worth of tax returns, your business’ future forecast, a business plan and profit and loss accounts.

Private Lenders

If you want a business loan but want to avoid the inconvenience of applying to a traditional lender then you might want to use a private lender.

Private lenders have a more straightforward application process than traditional lenders, as private lenders often focus more on your ability to repay the loan and not on the documentation you can provide.

In addition, private lenders’ applications can be processed in less time than traditional lenders. This may help you avoid unnecessary delays and secure the property you want to purchase.

Private lenders’ business loan deals are not available on the high street. If you want a business loan from a private lender then it is advisable to contact a broker.  

If you need a business loan call us on 0203 880 8890 or complete our contact form above.
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