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Bridging Loan Buy To Let Portfolio

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We can source a wide range of buy to let finance solutions for property transactions in the UK

Looking for a bridging loan to finance a buy to let property portfolio?

We can provide:

  • Market leading bridging loans from £250,000 to £30m
  • Rates from 0.44% pm
  • Terms from 3 months to 3 years
  • LTVs up to 75% (can be more if other assets in the background
  • Can be used to transfer portfolios of BTL residential properties from their individual names into a limited company
  • Can be used to aggregate BTL residential properties to create a portfolio to attract pension fund investment
  • Useful for scenarios relating to death, divorce etc
  • Can be utilised to buy a portfolio of properties using bridging finance as interim finance, while putting in place a portfolio BTL mortgage
  • Interest roll up options
  • Light refurbishment finance (currently uninhabitable, under permitted development rules, require internal refurbishment)
  • Heavy refurbishment finance (extensions, basement digs, loft conversions, commercial to residential, barn conversions)
  • Alternative assets considered e.g. pension, investment porfolios, fine art, classic cars
  • We provide a friendly, professional service to help you get the money you need at the best available rates
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Property Finance Deals

Case Study: High Value Bridging Loan for Semi-Commercial Property
Bridging Loan for Semi-Commercial Property with Complex Exit Strategy
Capital Raised
Bridging Loan Secured Against Unique New Build In Chichester
Bridging Loan Secured Against Unique New Build In Chichester
Capital Raised
Development Loan to Refinance New Build House
Development Loan to Refinance New Build House
Capital Raised
Case study: £1.2M Bridging Loan for Property in South Africa
Bridging loan on UK property to Purchase Home in South Africa
Cape Town
Capital Raised
Case study: £900K Bridging Loan for Upsizing to Worcestershire
£900K Bridging Loan for Upsizing to Worcestershire
Capital Raised
£1.35m Bridging Loan For Downsizing To Grade 2 Listed Property
£1.35m Bridging Loan For Downsizing To Grade 2 Listed Property
Capital Raised

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Bridging Loan For Buy To Let Portfolio

Our Buy to Let bridging loan service

Our specialist bridging loan brokers can help Buy to Let landlords with:

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How does bridging finance for landlords work?

Bridging loans are a type of temporary, short term borrowing usually secured on a property. They can allow you to borrow equivalent amounts to a mortgage, but can normally be accessed much faster and can be secured on property than lenders would consider unmortgageable.

Bridging finance is normally offered by both private banks and lenders and dedicated subsidiaries of high street banks. These are usually only accessible through intermediaries, such as loan brokers, so you will need to contact a broker such as Clifton Private Finance to take out a bridging loan.

A bridging loan on a Buy to Let property will normally be secured against the property in exactly the same way a mortgage would be. You will pay interest on the capital and will have to specify exactly how the loan will be repaid by the end of the loan term. This is known as your “exit strategy”.

For landlords, your exit strategy will normally mean refinancing with a Buy to Let mortgage. It is therefore worth looking for a broker who can also arrange up front for a Buy to Let mortgage for you to exit to at the appropriate time.

Reasons to use a bridging loan for a Buy to Let property portfolio

Reasons for using:

Find the best rates on a bridging loan for Buy to Let property

With an increasing number of lenders offering bridging loans, finding the best deal for your needs can be time-consuming and confusing. At Clifton Private Finance, our brokers have access to the whole of the market, so we can always find you the best possible deal on your bridging finance.

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