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Asset Finance Salisbury

For buying and refinancing business assets in Salisbury

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Asset Financing

We provide high-quality asset finance solutions for UK and international clients.
  • Asset finance from £25,000 to £25m
  • Repayment periods geared to the economic life of the asset
  • Finance available on new, used and auction-bought items
  • No asset age limit
  • Great way to fund large machine or asset purchases
  • Refinance existing assets to free up your company's liquid capital
  • Cashflow matched repayments
  • Equipment finance

Finance for luxury assets; general assets; Agricultural & Grounds equipment; high value cars e.g. Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, FerrariTesla; Hospitality & Leisure equipment; office equipment and furniture; Logistics & haulage; Technology & security equipment; Plant machinery; Gym & fitness equipment, and much more.

We can deliver enhanced, bespoke or exclusive terms through our market knowledge.  
Call us on 0203 900 4322 to discuss your requirements.

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Asset Finance - How it Works

Asset finance is there to give your business access to vehicles, equipment, and machinery that it otherwise would be unable to afford.

By spreading the cost of the asset investment over time as well as offering avenues for upgrades, eventual full ownership, and depreciation-based rental, asset finance provides a spread of options that are tailored to fit most business needs.

As obtaining new equipment in its entirety can drain cash reserves, effectively stifling capital for growth, asset finance is an important tool in a company’s repertoire, allowing the best of both worlds: equipment investment and fluid cashflow.

Asset Finance in Salisbury

Asset finance allows businesses to access equipment and vehicles they otherwise could not afford upfront. The three main types are, here's a brief overview of what we can offer to our client's in Salisbury:

  • Hire Purchase - Spread payments over time towards full ownership. Best for long-term equipment needs.

  • Finance Lease - Pay for the depreciation. Flexible options at end of term. Good for medium-term uses.

  • Operating Lease - Closest to rental. Includes maintenance. Short-term access to assets.

The pros of asset finance include spreading costs, upgrading technology, fixed repayments, and worry-free maintenance. Potential Cons can include;being tied into contracts, potential restrictions, and responsibility for assets.

Importantly, companies should consider their equipment needs and financial circumstances to choose the best asset finance option. Expert advice - from broker's such as us - can help secure the optimal agreement. 

Asset Finance Case Studies

Read some of our most recent asset finance case studies below for real examples of how asset financing works in practice:

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Merchant Cash Advance Facility Renewal For Scottish Tailoring Business
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Business Loan For Expanding Fitness Gym
Fast Business Loan For Expanding Fitness Gym
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Business Loan Against London Residential Property for Swiss National
Business Loan Against London Residential Property for Swiss National
Capital Raised
Business Loan Facility To Fund Working Capital For Company Expansion
Business Loan Facility To Fund Working Capital For Company Expansion
Capital Raised
Bridging Loan for Amusement Arcade Lease Extension in Margate
Bridging loan for amusement arcade lease extension in Margate
Capital Raised
Short Term Commercial Loan To Purchase Property & Land In Reading For Development
Short Term Commercial Loan To Purchase Property & Land In Reading For Development
Capital Raised

How to find us in Salisbury

Here's our address for our Salisbury office.

Clifton Private Finance
3rd Floor
Cross Keys House
22 Queen St
Office Hours:
Monday - Friday: 8.30am to 6pm

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What areas in Salisbury do we cover? 

We cover the Salisbury region and surrounding areas, including:

  • Salisbury City Centre
  • Amesbury
  • Tisbury
  • Wilton
  • Downton
  • Fordingbridge
  • Warminster
  • Westbury
  • Trowbridge
  • Bradford-on-Avon
  • Melksham
  • Devizes
  • Andover
  • Basingstoke
  • New Forest
  • Ringwood
  • Romsey
  • Stockbridge
  • Whitchurch

To arrange an initial consultation with one of our asset finance experts in Salisbury contact us today on 0203 900 4322 or We look forward to helping your business access the vehicles and equipment it needs to grow and thrive.

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