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Large Invoice Finance Facility Secured Despite Overseas Debtors
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Fleet of Vans Refinanced to Release £160k for Business Growth
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Grader Finance & Leasing - How It Works

Graders, precision finishing vehicles in construction, are indispensable for creating flat surfaces, particularly on roads and pavements. Characterised by a long blade situated between the front and rear wheels, graders meticulously shape the terrain, ensuring a level foundation for subsequent development. Like any construction equipment or vehicle, graders represent a substantial investment.

Grader finance, a specialised branch of construction finance, offers a strategic approach to acquiring essential grading equipment for infrastructure development. At Clifton Private Finance, we understand the pivotal role graders play in your project’s success, and our tailored grader finance solutions reflect this.

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Much like telehandler finance, grader finance is similar to any type of asset finance. This arrangement empowers your firm or consturction bussiness to distribute expenses across a predetermined timeframe, with consistent monthly instalments and fixed interest rates. Our flexible financing options include:

Opting for grader finance with us enables your business to:

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What types of finance are available for Grader Finance & Leasing?

Exploring the financing avenues for grader vehicles is essential for businesses looking to enhance their construction capabilities. At Clifton Private Finance, we offer a comprehensive suite of grader finance and leasing options, tailored to meet diverse operational demands and financial strategies. Here’s a breakdown of the primary methods available:

Hire Purchase (HP):

Suitability: Best suited for businesses aiming for long-term equipment use and those prepared for upfront and recurring financial commitments.

Finance Lease:

Suitability: Ideal for firms not prioritising ownership but interested in potential fiscal advantages of leasing.

Operating Lease:

Suitability: Optimal for project-specific or short-term requirements, circumventing the costs of maintenance and equipment depreciation.

How does it work?

Securing grader finance or leasing in the UK involves a procedure akin to other loan applications, tailored to the unique requirements of construction equipment financing.

Initially, you’ll complete an application detailing personal and business information, alongside specifics about the grader you’re considering. Demonstrating a robust credit history and the ability to manage monthly payments is essential.

Subsequently, your application undergoes evaluation, culminating in a bespoke quote outlining the finance or lease terms for the grader. This quote encompasses the aggregate cost, duration of the loan, interest rates, and any supplementary fees.

Upon selecting a financier, contractual agreements are signed, and requisite fees or deposits are settled. The financier then facilitates the transfer of funds to the grader’s vendor or arranges for the grader’s delivery to you. Thereafter, fixed monthly repayments commence and persist until the contract’s conclusion.

The finance or lease type dictates certain obligations concerning the grader’s upkeep, insurance, and taxation. Maintaining the grader in prime condition and adhering to the contract’s stipulations is imperative. Non-compliance or delayed payments may result in the financier reclaiming the grader and imposing additional charges.

Prior to committing to any finance or lease agreement, it’s advisable to seek professional financial counsel. Clifton Private Finance is equipped to offer guidance and support throughout this process. Conducting thorough research and comparing various options is crucial to identify the most advantageous and cost-efficient arrangement for your grader financing needs.

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Advantages of Grader Finance & Leasing:

Considerations for Grader Finance & Leasing:

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How do I qualify for grader finance or leasing? 

To be eligible for grader financing or leasing, you’ll need a solid credit history, comprehensive financial details, and proof of repayment capability. Lenders will evaluate your application based on your creditworthiness, business information (if applicable), and the specific grader model you’re interested in. They’ll review your financial standing to ensure you can manage the monthly payments before providing a financing quote.

How much can I borrow for grader finance?

The borrowing amount for grader finance varies based on the finance or lease type, the grader’s value, and your financial health. Each financing option has different borrowing limits, and typically, higher-value graders may allow for larger loan amounts. Lenders will assess your borrowing capacity, so it’s prudent to borrow within your budget and cash flow projections.

What are the interest rates for grader finance?

Interest rates for grader finance and leasing fluctuate according to the finance type, lease terms, and lender policies. Longer loan terms might offer lower rates but increase the total cost. It’s beneficial to compare rates from various lenders to secure the best deal.

Can I upgrade my grader during the finance term?

Yes, depending on your chosen finance plan, you may have the option to upgrade your grader. This is particularly advantageous for keeping pace with technological advancements and evolving business needs.

Are there any tax advantages to grader finance or leasing? 

The total cost of finance lease rental payments can be tax-deductible as a business expense against your profits. This means they qualify for tax relief for the duration of the lease agreement, potentially reducing your overall tax bill. There is also VAT considerations. For instance, if you will own the asset at the end of the lease or hire purchase period, you will need to pay VAT on the total value of the assets at the start of the contract. However, if you will not be the owner at the end of your lease, you will be required to pay VAT periodically. Lastly, purchases of plant, machinery, or IT equipment, which can include graders, may be eligible for capital allowances. This allows a proportion of costs to be deducted from your taxable profits each year. However, shorter-term leases do not qualify for capital allowances if you are the lessee.

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