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12-March-2020 13:49
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Autumn is here and its not just the leaves that are falling.

We have put together some of the deals that we have recently placed and are currently available to our clients as at 12/03/2020.


Large Remortgage (Interest Only)

2 Year Fixed:

£500k min remortgage up to £10m

1.19% APR initial rate

60% Loan To Value

Interest Only

No standard valuation fee

Early repayment charges

Product fee £995

More on remortgaging your property


Purchase (Semi Exclusive)

2 Year Fixed

£250k to £1m

1.14% APR initial rate

60% Loan to Value

Interest Only Option

Reduced standard valuation: £250

Product fee £1,499

Early repayment charges


Large Self Build Mortgage

2 Year Tracker:

£1m minimum loan

£100k min income

3% APR + BBR (3.25% as at 12/3/2020)

75% Loan To Value

Interest Only

No early repayment charges

Unlimited overpayments


Buy To Let Mortgages

2 Year Fixed (Purchase):

Up to £2m

60% Loan to Value

1.35% APR initial rate

Product Fee: £995

5 Year Fixed (Remortgage):

From £100k

75% Loan to Value

2.32% APR initial rate

Product Fee: £995


These btl deals are available for up to 10 buy to lets to a combined value of £3.5m.

Top slicing allows landlord surplus earned or portfolio income help achieve the loan size you require.


Portfolio Buy To Let Mortgages

2 Year Fixed:

Up to £10m

1.99% APR (Special Offer)

75% loan to value

Lender fee: 2.5%

Up to 20 properties 

This is a great deal for landlords - this provider will allow up to 20 properties and will top slice.


Bridging Loan

12 months:

£100k min loan

From 0.43% pm

Lender fee: 2%

No early repayment charges 

For more info on bridging loans and case studies


Bridging Loan Alternative

Up to 24 months:

From £300k

£100k minimum income

From 0.25% pm

Lender fee: 2%

No early repayment charges 

See how we helped source short term property finance for a HNW client in South London get their dream home.


UK Expat Buy to Let Mortgage

2 Year Fixed:

Up to £1m

Maximum 60% LTV

2.49% APR

Lender fee: 1.25% 

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UK Expat Residential Mortgage

2 Year Tracker:

From £100k

60% LTV

2.54% APR

Early repayment charges

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Returning UK Expat Mortgage

2 Year Fixed:

£150k min loan

For expats who have employment set up when they return

1.28% APR initial rate

Free valuation

£250 cashback

Lender fee: £999

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