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We specialise in sourcing wind turbine finance & leasing options in the UK

We provide high-quality wind turbine finance & leasing for UK clients.
  • wind turbines, systems, parts and installation finance from £25,000
  • Flexible finance options for renewables
  • Finance up to 90% of project cost

We can deliver enhanced, bespoke or exclusive terms through our market knowledge.  
  • Repayment periods geared to the economic life of the asset
  • Flexible finance options
  • Loan terms up to 15 years
  • Great way to fund large machine or asset purchases
  • Refinance existing assets to free up your company's liquid capital
  • Cashflow matched repayments
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Large Invoice Finance Facility Secured Despite Overseas Debtors
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Wind Turbine Finance & Leasing - How It Works

What is Wind Turbine Finance?

Wind turbine finance is a tailored financial solution that enables businesses, landowners, and communities to invest in renewable energy projects involving wind turbines without the burden of substantial upfront costs.

Given the rising demand for sustainable power generation and the UK's commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, wind turbines have emerged as a critical component of the nation's energy infrastructure. However, the capital required for these projects can be substantial, often ranging from £500,000 to £5,000,000 or more, depending on the size and scale of the installation.

At Clifton Private Finance, we specialise in facilitating wind turbine finance options that allow the cost to be spread over a manageable timeframe, typically spanning 5 to 20 years. This approach empowers our clients to harness the latest in wind energy technology, contributing to a greener future while generating long-term revenue streams and benefiting from various government incentives.

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What Types of Finance are Available for Wind Turbine Projects?

When it comes to financing wind turbine projects, Clifton Private Finance offers two primary financial arrangements: hire purchase agreements and leasing options. Both are designed to align with different requirements and preferences of our clients, whether they are commercial enterprises, landowners, or community groups.

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How Does Wind Turbine Finance Work?

The process of securing finance for wind turbine projects is streamlined and customer-centric, mirroring the approach taken for other types of asset finance. Clients seeking to invest in wind energy must first identify a suitable location and obtain the necessary planning permissions and grid connection agreements. Following this, engaging with a finance broker like Clifton Private Finance is the next step. Our role is pivotal in canvassing the financial landscape to procure the most favourable terms for our clients.

Understanding Wind Turbines and Installations

Wind turbines are a critical component of the UK's renewable energy strategy, harnessing the power of wind to generate clean electricity. The UK market offers a variety of wind turbine models and configurations, each designed to meet specific requirements and site conditions.

Types of Wind Turbines

Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines: These are the most common type of wind turbines, featuring a rotor with blades that spin around a horizontal axis. They can be further categorised into:

Vertical Axis Wind Turbines: Instead of a horizontal axis, these turbines have blades that rotate around a vertical axis. While less common, they can be advantageous in certain urban or small-scale installations.

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Installation Considerations

When installing a wind turbine, several factors need to be considered:

Popular Models in the UK

Several leading wind turbine manufacturers operate in the UK market, offering a range of models suitable for different applications:

What are the Benefits of Wind Turbine Finance?

Wind turbine finance offers a range of advantages for businesses, landowners, and communities looking to invest in renewable energy generation:

Are There Any Drawbacks?

While wind turbine finance offers numerous benefits, there are some considerations to bear in mind:

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How much can I finance for a wind turbine project?

The amount you can finance typically covers up to 100% of the cost of the wind turbine and associated installation costs. Factors influencing the amount include the project's size, your credit history, income, and chosen finance option. A deposit or personal guarantee might be required.

What is the approval time for wind turbine finance?

Approval times can vary, ranging from a few weeks to several months, based on the lender, finance type, and application complexity. Delays may occur if there are issues with credit history or for larger finance amounts, as well as due to the need for planning permissions and grid connection agreements.

What are the eligibility criteria for wind turbine finance?

To be eligible, you must be a UK resident over 18 with a valid bank account. A good credit score, stable income, and a solid business plan are also necessary. Documentation for identity, address, income, and business ownership may be required, as well as proof of planning permissions and grid connection agreements.

Can I pay off my finance early?

Yes, you can settle your finance early. However, it's essential to check if there are any early repayment fees or penalties involved.

Can I finance the grid connection costs along with the wind turbine?

Most finance options allow you to include the costs associated with establishing a grid connection as part of the total amount financed, ensuring a seamless integration with the local electricity network.

Is it possible to upgrade my wind turbine during the finance term?

Depending on your finance agreement, you may have the option to upgrade your wind turbine. This can be beneficial as technology advances or if your energy needs change.

Do my monthly payments increase with inflation or interest rate rises?

No, your monthly payments are fixed at the start of the agreement and are unaffected by inflation or interest rate rises, allowing for accurate budgeting.

How can we help?

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