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We provide farmers access to finance to diversify, sustain, grow and improve their businesses.
    • From £100,000 to £10 million
    • Typical duration of 1 to 7 years
    • Maximum LTV of 65%
    • No early redemption penalties
    • Secured on farmland and agricultural property
    • No age limits
Finance to help you take advantage of short notice opportunities to purchase land or property
Recovery & restructure finance to help you when financial pressures are acute
Finance for renewable energy projects to maximise income on your farm
Generational transfer finance – helping you to realise capital and pass on your farm to the next generatio
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Property Finance Deals

Case Study: Fast Bridging Loan with Low Credit Score to Buy Before Sale
Fast Bridging Loan with Low Credit Score to Buy Before Sale
North Wales
Capital Raised
Private Bank Bridging Loan for Renovation of Type B Listed Property
Private Bank Bridging Loan for Renovation of Type B Listed Property
Capital Raised
Case Study: High Value Bridging Loan for Semi-Commercial Property
Bridging Loan for Semi-Commercial Property with Complex Exit Strategy
Capital Raised
Bridging Loan Secured Against Unique New Build In Chichester
Bridging Loan Secured Against Unique New Build In Chichester
Capital Raised
Development Loan to Refinance New Build House
Development Loan to Refinance New Build House
Capital Raised
Case study: £1.2M Bridging Loan for Property in South Africa
Bridging loan on UK property to Purchase Home in South Africa
Cape Town
Capital Raised

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Equestrian Finance

Equestrian Finance

Starting up an equine business can be an expensive venture: the property itself could have several acres, tack rooms and grooming accommodation, which could significantly increase the asking price. Not only do you need land and property that can properly house an equestrian, but you may have to consider further expenses: applying for planning permission, the associated costs that come with keeping, riding and caring for animals.

Unless you have a significant amount of capital that you are willing to use, you will likely require additional finance from a lender to fund the startup of your equine business and purchase of your equestrian property.

Our Equestrian Finance Service

The majority of those looking for finance for a purchase of equestrian property and funding for an equine business will approach a traditional lender. However, it may not be your best option to apply for finance from a traditional lender.

Typically, it can be difficult to access the finance you need from traditional lenders. This is because their application process is often rigid, and traditional lenders will usually require a certain amount of documentation including your financial position, the value of your property and your business plan.  Lenders require the aforementioned documents to assess whether you can afford the loan repayments. Locating all these documents could be stressful and inconvenient.

In addition, traditional lenders’ applications are lengthy. It is not uncommon for traditional lenders to take up to several weeks or even months to process an application. Any delay on getting the finance you need may increase the overall cost of your equestrian project.

If you need equestrian finance for your project, then we can help.

Our brokers can arrange the best equestrian finance for your equine business, as they can provide:

Clifton Private Finance

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