bridging loan to restructure finance for farm

Bridging Loan To Restructure Finance For Farm

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We provide farmers access to finance to diversify, sustain, grow and improve their businesses.
    • From £100,000 to £10 million
    • Typical duration of 1 to 7 years
    • Maximum LTV of 65%
    • No early redemption penalties
    • Secured on farmland and agricultural property
    • No age limits
Finance to help you take advantage of short notice opportunities to purchase land or property
Recovery & restructure finance to help you when financial pressures are acute
Finance for renewable energy projects to maximise income on your farm
Generational transfer finance – helping you to realise capital and pass on your farm to the next generatio
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Finance To Restructure

The agricultural industry can be an unpredictable one for a number of reasons; the demand for certain food produce can play a huge part in your profit margin, as can the size of the crop yields and export regulations.

Due to the unforeseeable nature of the farming business, it is important for you to have access to readily available finance to provide a safety net for those times when business is not as profitable. Getting the right finance at the right time can help your farm recover, rebuild and restructure. 

Restructuring your farm can not only help it recover but it can also diversify your income. By turning your farm to a more profitable sector, for example converting one of your farm buildings into a holiday let, you could better prepare yourself for changes to the agricultural industry in the near future.

Bridging Loans

A bridging loan is a type of loan that is designed for short-term usage; it can provide a substantial amount of capital within a tight timeframe.

Bridging loans may be a good option for you if you need to restructure your farm business, as they usually come with the ability to ‘roll-up’ interest payments. This means that you could defer your interest payments until the end of the term of finance. This could allow you to avoid monthly interest payments and focus the bridging loan solely on restructuring your farm.

Bridging loan lenders require an exit plan in place before granting a bridging loan. An exit plan is the method which you intend to use to repay the loan at the end of the term of finance. An exit plan could be getting long term finance in place, or using the proceeds of a sale of one of your farm properties.

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