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international mortgage plans

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We can help source mortgage finance for non UK citizens in excess of £500k on residential and commercial property transactions in the UK

If you are living outside the UK, whether as a British expat or foreign national, an international mortgage plan can allow you to invest in UK property.
High street lenders do not usually offer mortgages to non-UK residents, but private banks and lenders are usually much more flexible.
Clifton Private Finance regularly works with British expats and non-UK citizens to help them find international mortgages for UK property.

We offer our clients:

  • Residential and commercial mortgages from £100k to £25m.
  • The option to leverage assets such as your investment portfolio, other property and pensions to negotiate more flexible lending criteria and interest rates.
  • Access to high street and private banks, specialist lenders, family offices and wealth managers. We also have access to private investor funds.
  • Enhanced, bespoke or exclusive terms to match your unique requirements.
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Property Finance Deals

Case Study: High Value Bridging Loan for Semi-Commercial Property
Bridging Loan for Semi-Commercial Property with Complex Exit Strategy
Capital Raised
Case study: £1.2M Bridging Loan for Property in South Africa
Bridging loan on UK property to Purchase Home in South Africa
Cape Town
Capital Raised
Securing a Residential Mortgage for a £20 Million Surrey Home
Securing a Residential Mortgage for a £20 Million Surrey Home
Capital Raised
Loan to Finance Purchase of Aston Martin DB6
Loan To Finance Purchase Of Aston Martin DB6
Capital Raised
Short Term Finance from Private Bank Secures £1.6m Colchester Home
Short Term Finance from Private Bank Secures £1.6m Colchester Home at Low Interest Rate
Capital Raised
Large Mortgage for Business Owner with Complex Offshore Holding Company and Trust Structure
Large Mortgage for Business Owner with Complex Offshore Holding Company and Trust Structure
Capital Raised

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We offer international mortgage services for non-UK residents, including:

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How much can you borrow with an international mortgage?

Private lenders are generally willing to lend much larger amounts of capital than high street banks, making them ideal for high net worth individuals looking to invest at the top end of the market. 

Another advantage with private banks is they will generally be happy to look at the whole of your income, including salary paid in a foreign currency and income from stocks, shares and other investments. This means you can often borrow much more than you would be able to with a public bank or building society.

Compare international mortgage plans

Clifton Private Finance has established connections with all of the UK’s leading international mortgage lenders. This means we can structure finance deals from across the market.

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