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As a specialist finance broker, we provide high-quality business loan solutions for our clients.
  • Market-leading finance rates
  • Machinery & equipment finance solutions
  • We can help you arrange different types of finance for machinery & heavy equipment needs, including leasing, Hire purchase, personal loans, business loans, consolidation loans, tax loans
  • Loans from £25,000 to £25 Million
  • Terms  from 3 months
  • Machinery finance for industrial use, medical, dental and veterinary centres, agriculture, construction, brewery, packaging, printing, waste management
We pride ourselves on providing excellent service responsive to your needs.
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As a specialist property finance broker, Clifton Private Finance can provide a clear picture of the options available to you. We will assess your circumstances and arrange a finance solution tailored to your needs.

You likely use machinery at some point throughout the operation of your business. Whether you need to repair your machinery or you need to purchase brand-new machinery, you may need some sort of additional finance.

In order to protect you from spending a significant part of your business’ capital on machinery, it may be worth getting a business loan.

Traditional Lenders

If you need funding in a short space of time, then approaching a traditional lender for a business loan may not be your best option. This is because traditional lenders’ applications may take up to several weeks or even months to process, which can cause substantial delays.

Also, before granting a business loan, traditional lenders will want to see a number of years’ worth of tax returns, a business plan, your business’s future forecast, and profit and loss accounts.

To avoid waiting up to several months and jumping through hoops for a traditional lender before you access a loan for your machinery, you may want to approach a private lender.

Private Lenders

A private lender’s application process for a business loan is usually a lot more straightforward than a traditional lender’s process. This is because private lenders tend to prioritise your business’s ability to repay the loan, not the documentation you can provide, like traditional lenders.  

This straightforward approach to business loan applications means that you can secure a business loan with a private lender more quickly than a traditional lender.

If you want a business loan from a private lender, you may want to contact a broker. This is because private lenders’ business loan deals are unavailable to the general public and are not usually on comparison websites.  

If you need a business loan, call us at 0203 880 8890 or complete our contact form above.
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