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We specialise in raising bridging loans on residential and commercial property transactions in the UK & Europe

We provide a specialist service for large bridging loans in the UK & Europe.

Our specialist team of bridging loan brokers can offer:

  • Bridging finance from £50,000 to £25M
  • Exclusive rates from 0.43% APR
  • Financing for downsizing or upsizing residential property (on a regulated basis)
  • Lower rates from £1 million + loans 
  • £99 valuation option for properties up to £1 million
  • Interest roll up options.
  • We provide a friendly, professional service to help you get the money you need at the best available rates


Buying Before Selling?

Rates from:

0.43% pm


Releasing Funds From Your Home

Short Term Lease Finance

Auction Purchase

As at September 2020

Development & Refurb

Fast Finance

Rates from:

0.38% pm

Ground Up Development

Light & Heavy Refurb

Finance For Unmortgageable Properties

Land Purchase

As at September 2020


Large Bridging Loans

Rates from:

0.175% pm

Up to 80% LTV

Minimum Loan £500k

Minimum Income £100k

Serviced monthly interest required

As at September 2020

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Bridging Loan For House In North London
North London
Capital Raised
Low-cost £1.23M bridging loan with flexible terms
Home counties
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£2M-plus bridge to buy new home plus rental property while awaiting sale of Sussex country house
East Sussex
Capital Raised
Bridge finance for Channel Islands resident to build new Guernsey home
Capital Raised
£2.6M 100% LTV residential bridging loan secured against 3 properties
Capital Raised
Finish and exit for £1.95M barn development
Capital Raised

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Buy-to-Let Bridging Loans

Some people looking to gain a buy to let property may consider a bridging loan to be an excellent option depending on their circumstances.

The housing market can move quickly – especially for aspiring landlords who are looking to invest in a property in order to rent it out.

In this case, they might use bridging finance in order to complete the purchase of the property, and also use the short term loan to undertake light refurbishment or heavy refurbishment on the property, depending on what is required.

These will usually be a second charge loan, and most people are looking to rent this out on a commercial basis, and potentially employing an agency to do this.

Buy to let bridging loans are specifically useful in certain situations. For example, if someone has found a bargain property at auction they can use a bridging loan to buy, do-up and put on the rental market. Since buy-to-let mortgages take much longer to arrange than the 28 days allowed by auction properties for purchase, a short term finance can bridge this gap easily. Once they have acquired the property and managed to any glaring issues with it, they can apply for a buy-to-let mortgage which will pay off the bridging loan.

This also applies to situations where an ideal investment property has been found which might not be considered to be mortgageable.

With the buy to let mortgages, the exit strategy is fairly clear. Once the bridging loan has been taken out and the necessary work on the property is carried out, the individual can take out a buy-to-let mortgage. This can then be used to pay off the bridging loan, and in many cases the payments on the mortgage can be covered by the rental property.

Why use Clifton Private Finance?

Based in Bristol and Cardiff, Clifton Private Finance has expertise in sourcing large bridging loans; we have contacts with all of the leading banks and private lenders across the whole of the market. This means we can always offer our clients the best rates available for their borrowing needs. For examples of bridging loan cases we have completed for a range of funding scenarios please see our bridging loan case studies
If speed is a priority bridging finance can be arranged quickly depending on your situation. 
Call us on 0117 959 5094 to discuss your requirements.
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